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Learn about BitCoin mining and find Bitcoin Miners and equipment for anyone wanting to get started in the Bitcoins industry. Buy your own miner and save up to 75% on the best New 75ths 5 Sha 256 Mining Contract Per Hour bitcoin, including Bitcoin Contracts,Ethereum,Bitcoin Miners,Bitcoins For Sale,Hobby Bitcoin Mining.
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How Bitcoin Mining Works Where do bitcoins come from? Most paper and coin currency is controlled and created or printed by the government and distributed as determined. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government. Bitcoin miners use high performance software to solve math problems and are provided with a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a means to issue the currency and also encourages people to create and develop their own mining software and hardware. Bitcoin is Secure The Bitcoin network is kept secure by having the Bitcoin miners approve transactions. The mining process is a very important part of the Bitcoin process, which encourages fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network save, stable, and secure.

75ths 5 Sha 256 Mining Contract Per Hour Review

Try it. Supplement it. Convenience it. SHA-256 Mining contracts for those who want to try mining cryptocurrencies, supplement their hashing power, or want the convenience of obtaining cryptocurrencies without the noise or electricity bills (or worry about aero-thermodynamics). 

  • SHA-256 (Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, etc.) mining contract at 7500 GH/s or 7.5 TH/s with a +/- 5% variation. 7200 GH/s or 7.2 TH/s* with a +/-10% variation (due to SUMMER WEATHER).

*electricity costs rise and mining efficiency of the machine decrease in the california summer weather and will return to 7.5 TH/s in the fall.

  • Contracts are priced per hour and will be implemented as soon as possible.
  • 99% Up-time with possibility of spill-over on contracts (i.e. hashing will continue even after the paid contract is complete, free of charge.)
  • No actual physical product. Mining contract only.

Buyer Must Provide:

1.) Pool Stratum URL

2.) Username or Bitcoin Receiving Address (Worker Username)

3.) Password for Worker (if applicable, usually 'x')

  • Upon Request: I will provide a CGminer Status screenshot of the statistical hashing averages and mining up-time. Mining up-time will always be at exactly or exceed paid contract agreements. A sample screenshot is provided in the pictures [with redacted information for privacy].

  • Contract Queue: On rare occasions, there is a possibility of a high number of contracts purchased ahead of others, therefore I will contact the buyer if the contract is estimated to be implemented after 3 business days after payment.

  • Long Term Contracts: Please message me for any inquiries for long term contracts, and we can settle for a bulk solution at a mutually agreed price.

  • Refunds: Any contract that has started or completed will not be given a refund. Only contracts that have not started or completed will be grounds for a refund.

Picture provided is just a visual of the Canaan Avalon 741, which will be the machine used to fulfill contracts; however the screenshot is an actual sample taken from my machine, your statistics will vary. The cryptocurrency market is "highly volatile," therefore profitability is possible, but never guaranteed.

Tips and suggestions for beginners:

  • Slushpool, Kanopool, Ck-pool, or any solo (mainly BTC)
  • Multipool has been popular for ALTcoins such as Peercoin and Digibyte.
  • Slushpool is a personal recommended favorite for beginners due to their GUI being very user friendly. If you need help setting up an account, I can assist from basic tutorial to full account setup.
Disclaimers from Mining Experience (updated monthly):
  • Nicehash is popular, but known for disconnects. I will still do contracts under nicehash, but it is unreliable. I will provide an extra hour minimum to compensate.
  • Mining any ALTcoin other than BTC might result in lower hashrates due to mining chip efficiency. SHA256 algorithm is still widely used in other coins but hashrates cannot be guaranteed for ALTcoins. Extra hours will be given to compensate under sole discretion of the seller. i.e. Digibyte (DGB) mines at an approximate efficiency of 6 TH/s due to the double algorithmic structure of SHA256(d). 
  • I am in school, so I'll reply as fast as I can (within 3 business days of shipping and handling) but when you are patient you usually get more hours than you pay for -- but not guaranteed. 

Any questions, concerns, or want to learn more, please do not hesitate to message me. New seller; modest to moderate experience in cryptocurrencies; will be as transparent as possible on any requested information and provided services. Almost anything can be googled or found in forums.

Listing expires: 2018-07-11T20:50:31.000Z

Current Price: $1.59

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