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How Bitcoin Mining Works Where do bitcoins come from? Most paper and coin currency is controlled and created or printed by the government and distributed as determined. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government. Bitcoin miners use high performance software to solve math problems and are provided with a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a means to issue the currency and also encourages people to create and develop their own mining software and hardware. Bitcoin is Secure The Bitcoin network is kept secure by having the Bitcoin miners approve transactions. The mining process is a very important part of the Bitcoin process, which encourages fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network save, stable, and secure.

Antminer 3 Year Bitcoin Mining Contract Review

There is only a mining contract being sold here! No physical items are being sold and nothing will be shipped or is available to be picked up.


Thinking about buying an Antminer?

Do you want to make an income from cryptocurrency mining?


Our new Cloud Hashing Contracts are the best possible way for anyone to profit from cryptocurrencies without having to purchase expensive equipment or invest large amounts of money.


3 Year Cloud Hashing Contracts

Our contracts pay out, on average, over 150% compared to Genesis Mining and Hashflare (see below)

Discounted Price of $45 - Only one per customer - Orders for more than one will be cancelled. 

Our farm is managed by our proprietary software platform that has been in development for over two years and mines multiple coins on multiple algorithms but pays out in Bitcoin.

There are no hidden fees or costs, all management and running costs are included in the price of the contract.  The hashing contract will run for three years from the start date.  Profits are earned daily and paid weekly direct to your Bitcoin wallet.

Comparison to hashflare and Genesis Mining (net amount paid in BTC)

      Date            Our Contracts      hashflare        Genesis Mining

01/21/18           0.00001609        0.00001245          0.00001311

01/22/18           0.00001518        0.00001128          0.00001268

01/23/18           0.00001661        0.00001242          0.00001254

01/24/18           0.00001532        0.00001111           0.00001254

01/25/18           0.00001685        0.00001291          0.00001023

01/26/18           0.00001489        0.00001094          0.00001006

01/27/18           0.00001292        0.00000890          0.00001008

01/28/18           0.00001363        0.00000979          0.00000990

01/29/18           0.00001339        0.00000961          0.00000997

01/30/18           0.00001375        0.00000977          0.00000980

01/31/18           0.00001386        0.00000928          0.00000968

02/01/18           0.00001261        0.00000821          0.00000938

02/02/18           0.00001427        0.00000926          0.00000894

02/03/18           0.00001403        0.00000899          0.00000910

02/04/18           0.00001291        0.00000804          0.00000880

02/05/18           0.00001361        0.00000832          0.00000808

02/06/18           0.00001408        0.00000780          0.00000663

02/07/18           0.00001352        0.00000802          0.00000717

02/08/18           0.00001268        0.00000722          0.00000724

02/09/18           0.00001136        0.00000613          0.00000720

02/10/18           0.00001164        0.00000665          0.00000738

02/11/18           0.00001240        0.00000717          0.00000705

02/12/18           0.00001271        0.00000733          0.00000727

02/13/18           0.00001274        0.00000779          0.00000713

02/14/18           0.00001187        0.00000676          0.00000739

02/15/18           0.00001217        0.00000757          0.00000768

02/16/18           0.00001166        0.00000732          0.00000773

02/17/18           0.00001226        0.00000788          0.00000791

02/18/18           0.00001225        0.00000790          0.00000788

02/19/18           0.00001214        0.00000797          0.00000795

02/20/18           0.00001249        0.00000884          0.00000759

02/21/18           0.00001099        0.00000702          0.00000738

02/22/18           0.00001107        0.00000688          0.00000718

02/23/18           0.00001038        0.00000591          0.00000715

02/24/18           0.00001103        0.00000680          0.00000712

02/25/18           0.00001109        0.00000654          0.00000693

02/26/18           0.00001051        0.00000593          0.00000693

02/27/18           0.00001040        0.00000616          0.00000713

02/28/18           0.00001001        0.00000580          0.00000737



Can I check out your website?

Yes, you will be sent details once you have purchased as we can't include external links on an eBay listing.

How much hashing power does one contract have?

Our hashing contracts do not have a set amount of hashing power as the amount of hashing power a contract has is dynamically assigned, however, each contract has a guaranteed minimum hash rate of 127GH/s of SHA256 mining. This minimum rate is also guaranteed to run 99.999% of the three year contract term.

How much Bitcoin will one contract mine?

Because Bitcoin mining has many variables, it's not possible to guarantee a return; however, we anticipate each contract to return between 160% and 265% of the original contract value over the three year period.

Why are the anticipated mining revenues higher than other cloud hashing companies?

Our mining farm is managed and automated by our proprietary software platform that we have been developing for over two years.  The additional mining revenues created by using this platform coupled with the cutting-edge technology that we employ reduces our power consumption and related costs and therefore increases profits.  In our fist months of running our payouts are consistently over 150% compared directly to Genesis Mining and hashflare.

What happens when new faster and more efficient hardware becomes available?

We have spent several years perfecting a dynamic growth model that keeps our farm ahead of network difficulty and advances in technology and maintains a consistent growth in mining revenue.  We refresh our hardware on a regular basis and add new technology as it becomes available.

Why are the hashing contracts only $45?

We want as many people as possible to benefit and profit from cryptocurrency and so the price of one contract is set at price that is accessible to almost everyone.  People who require higher returns and can afford it may purchase more contracts. The $45 is a special discounted price.

How often do I have to pay $45?

Only once.  The price of one, three year contract is $45 and there is nothing else to pay, ever.

How and when do I receive the Bitcoin that my contract mines?

The mined Bitcoin amounts are calculated on a daily basis and paid directly to the Bitcoin Wallet Address that you specify on a weekly basis (subject to a minimum payout threshold).

Why don't you charge a maintenance fee?

The one thing we hate about other hashing contracts currently available (or even airline tickets, for that matter) is that it's always difficult to find out what the total cost is.  This is by design and so they can advertise a low price to entice people to buy because the total price is unappealing. All our costs and charges are included in the price of the contract, there is nothing else to pay, ever and we don't take a payment fee when sending you your mined Bitcoin.  Rising power costs, lower mining revenues, hardware failures, power outages and changes in the price of Bitcoin have all been anticipated.

How can I view the results?

The web portal shows you the daily results and the overall totals.  The portal also allows you to change your Bitcoin wallet address, you can also specify multiple Bitcoin addresses and have the mined Bitcoins from your contracts split across those wallets at your specified ratios

Can I re-invest my mined Bitcoin into more contracts?

How and what you use for your mined Bitcoin for is your business, you are welcome to buy more contracts (subject to availability) at any time, however, there is no automatic re-investment feature in the portal and we do not encourage you to use your mined profits to buy more contracts.

Does mining start immediately?

Yes, your contract is activated in the portal the calendar day after purchase but it receives a payout for the day the payment was made.  

How many contracts will be available?

Our model means that only a finite number of contracts will ever be available.  The total number of contracts that will be available is something that cannot be shared publicly, however, the minimum amount of hashing power assigned to each contract and the anticipated amounts of mined Bitcoin per contract are not affected by the number of contracts available or if we sell all the available contracts or not.

Can I have a copy of the contract and 'small print' terms and conditions?

Our terms of service are displayed on our website.

Where is the farm located?

As we want to protect the farm from cyber-attack as well as potential physical attacks, the most we can disclose is that our mining farms are located in the Pacific Northwest.

Can I contact you?

Absolutely, and at any time.  Just use the contact page on our website.  If you have questions or comments whether good or bad, we'd love to hear from you.

Do you sell Antminers or can I rent a miner from you?

No, but if you want one; YOU SHOULD ONLY EVER BUY DIRECT from the manufacturer. At the time of writing they are available for $2320 plus PSU and delivery. Paying more than Bitmain's price is a recipe for failure. DON'T DO IT!  If Antminers aren't in stock when you go to Btmain's website, wait until they are, it will save you money in the long run.  

Before you buy an Antminer, consider the following:  The Antminer S9 is not intended for home use and you may well regret your purchase after you plug it in the first time. If Bitmain or another manufacturer release a faster and more efficient SHA256 miner later this year, your Antminer S9 may become obsolete before you break even.




Terms and Conditions

You are purchasing one hashing contract at a discounted price of $45.

The contract term is three years from the date mining commences.

     The contract price is converted to a Bitcoin Value on the day mining contract is purchased.  Returns in terms of percentages displayed in the web portal will be based on this initial Bitcoin value.

     Bitcoin mined during the contract is anticipated to be between 160% and 265% of the contract price, due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, these amounts are not guaranteed.

     All mined cryptocurrency is paid in Bitcoin.

     All contracts are non-refundable.

     You are buying information about a hashing contract, nothing physical is being sold and nothing will be shipped.

     Any photos used in this listing should not be construed as displaying the item being sold.

Listing expires: 2018-03-16T14:17:11.000Z

Current Price: $45.00

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