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Learn about BitCoin mining and find Bitcoin Miners and equipment for anyone wanting to get started in the Bitcoins industry. Buy your own miner and save up to 75% on the best New Antminer S7 5ths Miner Crypto Mining Contract Bitcoin Btc Peercoin 12 Hours bitcoin, including Bitcoin Contracts,Ethereum,Bitcoin Miners,Bitcoins For Sale,Hobby Bitcoin Mining.
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How Bitcoin Mining Works Where do bitcoins come from? Most paper and coin currency is controlled and created or printed by the government and distributed as determined. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government. Bitcoin miners use high performance software to solve math problems and are provided with a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a means to issue the currency and also encourages people to create and develop their own mining software and hardware. Bitcoin is Secure The Bitcoin network is kept secure by having the Bitcoin miners approve transactions. The mining process is a very important part of the Bitcoin process, which encourages fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network save, stable, and secure.

Antminer S7 5ths Miner Crypto Mining Contract Bitcoin Btc Peercoin 12 Hours Review

These contracts are first come first serve. Current waiting time: 3 Day(s)!

 Get started mining cryptocurrencies today! TO PURCHASE MULTIPLE: Enter your quantity (12 hours x quantity = total hours). Buy 24 hours or more and get TWO HOURS ADDED FREE!This is a great opportunity to learn how bitcoin mining works, own some bitcoin for yourself, and see for yourself exactly how the Antminer S7 performs! Nowhere else will you find this amount of hashpower at such a low cost. You are buying 12 Hours of Cryptocurrency Mining on my professionally managed equipment. No need to worry about power, internet, or setup! Feel free to message me with any questions. Litecoin mining is coming soon!Don't worry about any of my negative feedbacks, some buyers do not know how this system works and often go and leave negative feedback before their contract has even ended! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your contract before or after it ends, I am more then willing to help! Thanks!If you do not know what this is, please read this article to learn how to mine bitcoins: https://99bitcoins.com/beginners-guide-to-mining/The coins will be mined under your account, and you will receive 100% of the revenue!
  • The contract is for 12 HOURS on part of my antminer mining farm, at ~5THs using an Antminer S7.
  • Every miner is connected to a gigabit network connection, and is checked thoroughly for reliability and hashrate output.IMPORTANT: Please send the below information in a NOTE DURING CHECKOUT, NOT A PRIVATE MESSAGE. If you are on mobile and can't do that, please message me the info immediately after purchase. I do not need your bitcoin wallet!
    • Pool Address (ex: stratum.slushpool.com:3333)
    • Your Worker Name. NOT JUST POOL USERNAME. This is the bitcoin miner worker name (ex: yourusername.workername)
    • Worker Password ( only if needed, many use a password of "x" )
      • The password is not for your login - it is a simple password for the mining sites for an individual worker. It is usually not required.
I will mine Bitcoin or other SHA-256 coins (see pic) for 12 HOURS per purchase on one 5TH machine.
  • You will receive an message/email regarding the approximate timing of your start Date/Time
  • Your item will be marked as shipped when your contract has been recorded and processed. Your contract will begin at the specified date+time. I will leave feedback when your contract ends. You can request a mining statistics report if you'd like.

Here are the benefits:

•       No hardware to fool around with•       Nothing to setup or configure•       No power calculations•       No popping breakers•       Nothing to manage•       Stress free and easy to learn how mining works•       Instant satisfaction of seeing BTC or other coin in your account•       You choose your own pools and your own SHA-256 coin to mine•       Short term contracts to verify and test or to mine regularly•       Mining contracts that just make sense.

Your hashrate will average 4.8-5.1TH/s. If for some reason the hashrate drops, you will be compensated in added time according to how long the hashrate was down.Once again, if you have any questions - feel free to ask! ThanksThis sale is for a mining service only, and no hardware will be shipped physically.  You will receive the advertised hashrate pointed towards your pool, and a detailed mining report at the end of your time if you request one. If you have low or bad feedback I reserve the right to cancel or delay your order until PayPal clears the transaction! I do not tolerate scammers. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR POOL INFORMATION. If I cannot connect my miners to your pool, you will be moved to the back of the waiting list and I won't be able to start your contract until you message me with correct pool information.

Listing expires: 2018-03-28T16:49:10.000Z

Current Price: $6.50

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