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Learn about BitCoin mining and find Bitcoin Miners and equipment for anyone wanting to get started in the Bitcoins industry. Buy your own miner and save up to 75% on the best New Bitmain Antminer S9 24 Hour Mining Contract 135 Ths Bitcoin Mining Invest bitcoin, including Bitcoin Contracts,Ethereum,Bitcoin Miners,Bitcoins For Sale,Hobby Bitcoin Mining.
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How Bitcoin Mining Works Where do bitcoins come from? Most paper and coin currency is controlled and created or printed by the government and distributed as determined. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government. Bitcoin miners use high performance software to solve math problems and are provided with a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a means to issue the currency and also encourages people to create and develop their own mining software and hardware. Bitcoin is Secure The Bitcoin network is kept secure by having the Bitcoin miners approve transactions. The mining process is a very important part of the Bitcoin process, which encourages fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network save, stable, and secure.

Bitmain Antminer S9 24 Hour Mining Contract 135 Ths Bitcoin Mining Invest Review

Learn How to Mine Bitcoin** THIS BUY IT NOW IS FOR A 24 HOUR MINING RENTAL CONTRACT. NO PHYSICAL EQUIPMENT IS FOR SALE AND NO PHYSICAL EQUIPMENT WILL BE SHIPPED! ** Want to try Bitcoin Mining before investing in a expensive miner? Purchase one or more 24 hour contracts and I will point my Bitmain Antminer S9 miner(s) to your mining pool of choice.  (The Bitmain S9 AntMiner only mines SHA256 Algorithm)Upon purchase send me a message containing your desired:

  • Pool Address 
  • Worker name 
  • Slushpool Preferred
  • Starts on or after 15 March, currently booked out til then.
*** Please be aware that renting a miner is not intended to be profitable. While it is possible you may find a block while solo mining and receiving the entire block reward, using a Pay per Share (PPS) SHA256 pools are preferable if you are interested in calculating your ROI before purchasing an actual hardware miner such as an Antminer S9. ***Please do not hesitate to message me with any questions.Once Paypal payment is confirmed and mining pool information is received, I will schedule and notify you of your contract start time window within 24 hours. Please message me if you need help with pool information.You may purchase more than one 24 hour contract, I will fill them in scheduled slots and alert you of the start times (Pacific Standard Time Seattle Washington)

**** Disclaimer: All sales are FINAL, No refunds or returns unless you ordered by mistake and your mining has NOT yet started.  You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your pool information as it will not be changed once mining starts. 

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